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Resources for the Study of Egypt

Whether you’re studying to be a professional Egyptologist, or reading about ancient Egypt in your spare time, it can be difficult to sort through online resources to find good, reliable information. Below are a number of links to different excellent, academic and reliable popular websites to help you along. Please note that some of the following require a subscription – though you can often get to them using a university VPN, or by searching on university, library, or other institution computers, if they already hold a subscription. Also, please feel free to contact us if you need help finding anything specific. Good luck!

  • ARCE Resources: Discover Egypt
    • A set of resources developed by ARCE. This includes an Egyptological glossary, and a large selection of short papers on major topics, written by scholars of Egyptology. This is a great initial resource for those looking for some reliable, peer-reviewed information and reading lists.
    • TIP: If you enter a broad research topic into the search engine on the ARCE page, you can find a number of good starting sources.
  • Digital Egypt for Universities: UCL
    • This resource is linked to University College London, which has an important historical connection to the field of Egyptology. Although the resources from website are slightly more difficult to cite at times, they are very reliable, written by renowned Egyptologists, and are often linked to additional resources.
  • Online Egyptological Bibliography
    • A key resource for all Egyptologists – beginner and professional alike. This resource generates a bibliography based on search terms. You will have to find the physical (or digital) resources yourself, but it will point you in the right direction.
  • Osirisnet
    • Another excellent, digital resource for starting research. Osiris net records information about tombs from Ancient Egypt. This includes wall-by-wall descriptions of tombs, and images of the decoration. Additional reading lists and citations makes this a particularly valuable resource.
  • UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
    • This is another great beginning resource created by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Using this site, you can find a number of short, peer reviewed topics with substantial reading lists. These papers are used by beginners and experts alike.

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