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For information on how to join ARCE, visit their main membership page here. To be associated with ARCE Vancouver, simply select “Vancouver” as your local chapter when joining, or contact ARCE to switch your membership to Vancouver.


The ARCE Vancouver officers organize the local events, and liaise with chapter members and the main ARCE office. Officers are volunteers who are also general members of the chapter. Officers are elected by the members, and all members in good standing are eligible to run for a position.

Caroline Arbuckle MacLeod leads a class on the examination of
Egyptian wooden artifacts at the Museo Egizio.

President – Caroline Arbuckle MacLeod

Dr. Caroline Arbuckle MacLeod is a post-doctoral researcher and teaching fellow at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She is an Egyptologist whose research focuses on ancient craftspeople and society. In particular, she studies woodworking and the development of the ancient Egyptian coffin. Caroline is also involved in projects concerning the history and practice of female archaeologists in the Near East, and the integration of digital tools into archaeological research, teaching, and outreach. She loves visiting museums, works in the field in Italy and Egypt, and teaches courses on ancient Egyptian archaeology, religion, and language.

Treasurer – Brock Wiederick

Secretary – Sabrina Higgins

Dr. Sabrina Higgins is an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University, cross appointed between the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Archaeology. She is an art historian and field archaeologist whose work is inherently multidisciplinary, intersecting the fields of Late Antique Studies, Archaeology, Religious Studies, Art History, Papyrology, and Gender Studies. At present, her research is largely situated in the field of Marian studies, specifically the ways in which we can use material culture to understand the development and spread of the early cult of the Virgin Mary in Egypt. She is also currently the Assistant Director of the excavations at Golemo Gradiste in North Macedonia, as well as a member of a project on the island of Philae in Egypt which is studying the ancient graffiti in the temple of Isis.

Jeff Narver

Marketing – Jeff Narver

Jeff Narver is the Director of Infrastructure and Resources at the Fraser Valley Regional Library. A life-long admirer of all things ancient Egypt, Jeff has been to Egypt, is working on his second book on Egypt, and is studying Egyptian Arabic. For the past 10 years, Jeff has lectured to students and library patrons on many aspects of Ancient Egypt.

Officer at Large – Catherine D’Andrea

Ralph Giles

Student Officer – Ralph Giles

Ralph Giles has always been fascinated by the written word, and that especially includes Egyptian hieroglyphs. He has written software to support the digital transmission of print, music, and video, and is particularly interested in the ways online sharing can facilitate learning and scholarship. He is taking classes in the languages and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean at the University of British

Larissa Luecke

Student Officer – Larissa Luecke

Larissa Luecke has a BA in the Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East with a specialization in Egyptology and a minor in Art History. Larissa was on a late Bronze Age dig in Cypress, and participated in a Museum studies field school at the Museo Egizio in Turin Italy. She also has a previous diploma in Graphic Design as well as over 7 years experience in the field. Her interests are in the Middle Egyptian language, ancient polytheistic religions, and the Middle Kingdom. Larissa hopes to complete an MA in museums studies in the near future. 

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